Planet Chat

This is a free and unlimited push notification gateway for Rocket Chat.


If you want to use it, you need to use the Planet Chat mobile app, which is an unmodified rebuild of the original Rocket Chat mobile app, but can receive push notifications from this gateway:


You also have to configure your Rocket Chat server to use as push notification gateway. You can find the setting in the Rocket Chat admin interface under .../admin/settings/Push -> Gateway.

If you want the gateway to filter out the actual message content, so that Google and Apple can't see the messages but only the message id (similar to the enterprise-only feature "Hide message content from Apple and Google"), you can use as gateway instead.

The original Rocket Chat mobile app will still work in parallel, because this gateway forwards its notifications to the Rocket Chat gateway, but they are then still subject to the limit of 10,000 messages per month of course.

The source code for the software running on this gateway is available here.


I simply think push notifications for Rocket Chat should be free, like they are free for all other kinds of chat clients (like the Matrix clients Element and Fluffy Chat for example). I don't want and will not make any money with it. If the load on this server should become heavy, so that I need to rent somthing stronger, I might ask for donations to cover my costs, that's all. But notifications are cheap, I don't expect that to happen anytime soon.


You can use the discussions in my Rocket Chat mobile app fork, or write an email to planetchat(at)